High precision Machine tools, reliables, easy to use

Robbi has operated in the machine tool market since 1936 and specialise in the manufacture of machines tailored to meet the more demanding needs of the customer’s complexed and more specialised demands.
Whilst maintaining competitive prices, Robbi have ensured their machines have stability and precision. Robbi grinding machines, use the best technology and the most robust and reliable components available on the market in their build programme.
Robbi have a commitment to assist and help, proactively, its customers to ensure they maximise the efficiency of the machine.
Robbi, in fact, offers various service solutions: including the development of manufacturing processes; replacement parts spare part programme, making parts available for older models, tailored operational training programs and maintenance training to maximise the features of grinding machines and maintain the Robbi Grinders longevity.
Understanding the needs of our customers we are offer the best solutions and services that increase their return on productivity thus improving our customers return on his investment.
Ideas that may improve our business are always appreciated from customers.
If there’s anything we can do to improve your experience with Robbi, please let us know.
Robbi have a commitment to ensure all customers are completely satisfied Choose Robbi precision for increased productivity and a faster return on your investment.
Call us today, we’ve have a solution for your grinding application.

4 generations of Mechanical Engineers (since 1936)

  • 1936 – Italo Robbi founded the Company in Milan specialising in the construction of machinery and equipment for the automotive reconditioning sector.
  • 1966 – transfer to new larger premises in Cologna Veneta.
  • 1976 – The Company management was taken over by Angelo Robbi, who modernised the entire range of machines. The result was an additional new line of industrial cylindrical grinding machines, combining excellent reliability and precision with impressive operating simplicity
  • 1983 – Relocation of the headquarters company of Veronella, the  Ing. Roberto and his son Richard Ing, further develop the’ business


Advice on the machine choice and the most suitable configuration

Implementation of processing cycles Specifically designed for CNC grinding machines

Precision mechanics

Each component is carefully checked

Components of Quality

The components are chosen and selected with primary emphasis on the quality and precision


Installation and assistance of Robbi grinding machines are made by qualified technicians who can solve mechanical, electrical or programming problems.


For each machine there is a training in Robbi factory or at the customer’s factory.


The Robbi dedicated staff provides valid technical advice on:

  • type of grinding machine processes
  • repairs and work on grinding machines Robbi

Remote Assistance