Omicron ET7 Robbi Group 00
Omicron ET7 Robbi Group 01

Semi-automatic OD ID Grinding machine Easy-To-Use

  • CNC based
  • Self teach of table positions
  • Touch panel with easy interface
  • Improved axis positioning and quick response
  • Availability of axis interpolation
  • Parametrical program for pass and plunge grinding
  • Ideal for small batch or one-off component

Developed to offer to the operator the Advantage of CNC control without the Complexity of Traditional CNC systems.

  • Increases the accuracy and speed up the grinding process.
  • High positioning accuracy with the possibility to apply on request linear encoders on one or both axes.
  • The same performance available on the CNC plus the great versatility of the T versions, thanks to the:
    • new software developed on the last SIEMENS CNC 840 D SL
    • TP 700 comfort panel.
  • The smart interface fully developed by our company gives the possibility to program even multiple and complex components without the needs of CNC programming skills.
  • The auto teach of the first diameter and all the table positions permits a quick set up of the component reducing the programming time.
  • The auto compensation of the dressing wear permits to maintain sharp and stable the grinding wheel along the process.
  • Axis interpolation gives to the new version the great possibility to compensate the taper errors by a digital correction.
  • Pass and plunge grinding cycles available for OD and ID grinding.
  • Incorporation of shoulder grinding in automatic or in manual mode with electronic handwheel
  • Wheelhead and table positions are visualized on operator panel
  • Possibility to program up to 12 different diameters, on the same grinding cycle
  • Possibility to update the operator panel, with the correction of each diameter
  • Automatic grinding wheel dressing cycle with compensation of all the grinding dimensions
Available Working Cycles OD ID