Grinding Machines CNc Software

Cnc Power and Simple Processing

Measuring devices, diametrical and shoulders
Gap control touch

Simple Programming

The machine operator may create a program, even complex, without ISO programming knowledge.
The compilation of the parameters is guided by a series of messages and icons that explain step by step the meaning of the various parameters.
The programming of the cycles is done by filling the same parametric working cycle.
Once the working cycle has been programmed, it is also possible to modify the execution sequence of the various cycles, simply and intuitively.
To eliminate errors in the execution of a program, is available a summary page to control the main geometric parameters of every single working cycles.

Accurate geometric results

In each cycle it is possible to correct eventual taper errors, interpolating the two axis X and Z.
This permits, in a short time, to obtain very accurate geometric results.

Many standards programs


Dressing Programming

On the dressing page it is possible to program all the automatic grinding wheel dressing cycle parameters.
The dressing operation may be executed:

  • outside the grinding cycle execution,
  • automatically inside the grinding cycle (at the beginning , before the finishing or at the end of the cycle grinding),
  • automatically using a cycle counter (on request, during the grinding cycle execution)

Shoulder grinding in 3 ways

In each cycle, it is possible to insert the shoulder grinding operation, in 3 different mode:

Manually – The machine stops before the finishing operation, permitting the operator to execute the shoulder grinding operation with the electronic handwheel.
Automatically – The machine executes, before the finishing operation, the shoulder grinding operation, up to the programmed quote.
Automatically with Gap Control – The machine executes, before the finishing operation, an automatic research of the shoulder to be ground by using the gap control. After the contact, the cycle automatically removes the quantity of programmed material . After the shoulder grinding operation it is possible, to execute a zero setting of the Z axis. In this way it is possible to execute other shoulder grinding operations on the same workpiece with high precision and reduction in cycletime