Hydraulic Surface Grinding Machine for Heads and Cylinder blocks

2 Versions


High speed of table moving

Ball Screw

More constant speeds

2 Types of milling

Segmented Grinding Wheel

Surfacing of workhead with pre-chambre or bimetallic inserts


High precision grinding machining (without coolant) in a reduced processing times

Robust and stable Bed
Made in normalized and stabilized cast iron with large ground guides

The head slides on rollers Guides (available on ALPHA 17-18-23)
In this way the thousandth movements are very precise and highly accurate without jamming .
The spindle , hardened steel , is housed on roller bearings.
The spindle motor rotates at variable speed controlled by inverter

The automatic reciprocating movement of the table is hydraulically controlled or ball screw

Robbi PLC Program
Robbi PLC Program work in the ball screw version and it is very useful during CBN and PCD grinding
at the end of the process the spindle stop rotation and it is oriented: in this way the tools are not on direct contact with the machined surface.
table returns to the start position without the need to raise the head

Spindle Separated from Wheel Motors
Best spindle cooling reduction of the thermal elongation of the spindle

Alpha 10-12

Spianatrice Rettificatrice Alpha 10 Robbi Group

Alpha 15-17

Spianatrice Rettificatrice Alpha 17 Robbi Group

Alpha 18-23

Spianatrice Rettificatrice Alpha 18 Robbi Group