Horizontal Tube Honing Machines

Levigatrice Industriale Orizzontale Lyor 4050M 0 Robbi Group

Horizontal honing machines LYOR are distinguished by their rigidity and power.

  • A hydraulic cylinder controls the honing head movement.
  • Three phase electric motor controlled by a vector inverter, servo-ventilated controlling the spindle rotation.
  • The drive transmission is through a gear-box in which the gears are hardened and ground, projecting high torque and stock removal.
  • Programming is very easy with the ‘touch-screen’.
  • The visualization of all the working data enables the operator to attend during the working cycle.
Technical Specifications UM 40.20 40.30 40.40 40.50 40.60 40.70
Bore diameter  (Min. –  Max.) mm. 20-400 20-400 20-400 20-400 20-400 20-400
Max. tube length mm. 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000
Max. honing head stroke mm. 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000
Number of steady rests for honing head extension # 1 1 2 2 2 2
Machine length m. 9 11 13 15 17 19
Machine width m. 2,8 2,8 3,4 3,4 3,4 3,4

2 Version

Levigatrice Industriale Orizzontale Lyor Levigatore M Robbi Group

Lyor M

The tubes are clamped on prisms. The hydraulic expansion honing head rotates inside the component.

Lyor S – Version with 2 spindles

Besides the honing head spindle with the honing stone hydraulic expansion, a second spindle rotates the
component in the opposite direction to the honing head.

Benefits of Contra-rotating component

Remarkable are the benefits of having the contra-rotantibg component being worked against rotating with respect to the honer, including:

  • improved roundness and straightness of the bore
  • major productivity, especially on small diameter components
  • the honing oil is distributed uniformly and constantly in the components, increasing the heat dispersion produced by the honing process. (on machines without rotation, the heat is concentrated on the top part of the component where there is less honing oil).
Technical Specification M S
Bed in normalized electro-welded steel with oversized guides in high resistance steel. X X
Head guides covered with anti-friction material X X
Head in normalized electro-welded steel X
Workhead and movable head in normalized electro-welded steel X
Gear box is oil bathed. The gear box permits a major coupling at low speed X X
Movable head spindle and workhead spindle motors are variable with vector inverter X X
Manual clamping prisms X
Hydraulic clamping self-cntering chuck X
Hydraulica expansion system with infinitesimal regulation of the stone pressure X X
Cooling installation with pump and tank with possibility to apply a depuration systems X X
Electric and electronic components are closed inside an electric cabinet with protetion IP 55 X X
Control panel contains all pushbuttons X X
PLC permit working in both automatic and manual X X
Hydraulic power pack is separate from the machine X X
Standard Equipment M S
Pair of prism for tube clamping X
Self-centering chuck with hydraulic tube clamping X
1 rest for honing head extension X X
1 travelling rest for honing head extension for machines with honing stroke major than 4 meters X X
On Request M S
Self centering steady-rests with hydraulic self-centering clamp X
Honing head expansion stroke controlled by a mechanical stroke end, with micrometric adjustement X X
Honing heads and stones ( see list) X X
Honing head extensions X X
Magnetic cleaner, paper roll cleaner or combined magnetic and paper roll cleaner X X