Cylinder Boring and Surface Milling Machine Orion

All table and head movements are servo-assisted. Suitable to reaming operation and face milling of engine blocks with large possibility of boring up to 400 mm and maximum depth of 1000 mm

Technical Specification

Boring diameters with standard spindles Min 31 mm
Max 320 mm
Boring depth Max 700 mm
Distance table to head Max 1830 mm
Min 600 mm
Distance spindle centre to column guides 410 mm
Surface milling width 420 mm
Vertical head stroke Max 930 mm
Spindle rotation speed 0 ÷ 500 r.p.m.
Useful dimensions – Lenght 1800 mm
Useful dimensions – Width 600 mm
Longitudinal table stroke 1780 mm
Traverse table stroke 130 mm
Automatic table feed (variable) 0 ÷ 150 mm/min.
Spindle rotation 3 kW
Fast head feed 0,75 kW
Automatic table feed (variable) 0,75 kW
Tool grinder 0,5 kW
Lenght 3200 mm
Width 1550 mm
Height 2700 mm
Lenght 4980 mm
Width 1680 mm
Net weight 3200 kg

Standard Equipment

Complete electric equipment with control at low tension.
Tool automatic positioning at the end of boring
Spindle motor speed variable control
2 setting up supports 100 mm high with bolts
2 setting up supports 220 mm high with bolts
2 setting up supports 300 mm high with bolts
4 locking clamps with bolts
Boring infeed control system
Centering system
Surface-milling attachment complete with spindle, tool-plate with cutting tools (Ts420)
Automatic longitudinal table feed variable
Set of spanners
Operating manual

Extra Equipment

Orion Alesatrice Per Cilindri Robbi Group

Tool grinding device (electric motor included), abrasive wheel, diamond wheel, grinding jig
Boring spindle for ø 31 ÷ 320 mm, complete with tool setting micrometer, cutting tools with holders, centering device
Fixture for fat cylinder clamping
Universal fixture for V engine clamping
Universal fixture for cylinder liner clamping
Fixture for motorcycle cylinder clamping
Special milling and drilling splindel morse taper N 3 – 4 – Iso 40 – Iso 50
Micrometric devices for measuring cylinder bores – range 30÷300 mm