Conventional Grinding Machines

High standards of precision
Fast set-up times
Ideal for processing components with very tight tolerances
Sturdiness and Stability:Machine bed in normalised cast iron;Grinding wheel spindle mounted on solid bronze bushes

Omicron R 1000 Grinding Machines Robbi Group

Main handwheel with division of 0.01 mm on diameter
Micrometric handwheel with division of 0.001 mm on diameter
Automatic Zero Stop

2 axis digital readout (SPACE 2000)
Incremental linear encoder for wheelhead micropositioning
Incremental linear encoder for table micropositioning

In the touch screen panel the following parameters can be setted: workhead and wheelhead speeds, some parameters of the automatic cycle (for example: dwell time at reverse and number of spark-out passes)


Robbi grinding machines are according to the international precision normes ISO 2433.
The table movement linearity is guaranteed by a max. deviation of 0,002 mm/mt.
Surface finish degree 0,2 Ra m.(**)
The obtainable grinding roundness is :
Grinding between centers 0,3 m (**)
Grinding with live spindle 0,4m (**)
(**) for a test workpiece ground in our factory during machine testing

Manual handwheels for table and wheelhead feeds

Volantino Rettificatrice Cilindrica Convenzionale Robbi
Visualizzatore Rettificatrice Cilindrica Convenzionale Robbi

Optional Rear Guard

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Omicron R 1000 Grinding Machines Robbi Group


Omicron E 600 Grinding Machines Robbi Group

Omicron Conventional

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