CNC Universal Grinding Machines

Omicron Cnc 3615 Grinding Machines Robbi Group
  • Universal CNC grinding machines meet the needs of medium-high production.
  • They are also suitable for the processing of small lots
  • They are equipped with the latest generation of Siemens 840Di sl system
  • Cycle with optimized geometrical parameters and work.
  • Suitable camber machining of high precision
  • The grinding wheel can be profiled for geometries created specifically for the type of production required.
    On request:
  • automatic measurement devices.
  • Third axis interpolated and software tailored (to perform high precision operations)


  • C-axis B-axis controlled continuously or indexed
  • grinding spindle hydrodynamic, hydrostatic or electric spindle
  • moving table
  • Mobile Mola
  • Fairings completely closed
  • Connecting to Robot Manipulators


  • frutto di anni di esperienza
  • permette cicli di rettifica di particolari complessi in modo semplice e intuitivo
  • auto apprendimento nella programmazione posizionamenti tavola nei cicli.


  • grinding of curved cylinders and respective measuring cycle,
  • grinding of rubber cylinders,
  • non-circular elements and cams rectification,
  • diamond dresser with CAD program loaded profile


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Omicron Cnc 3615 Grinding Machines Robbi Group


Omicron CNC 8080 Grinding Machines Robbi Group

Precision Degree

Robbi CNC grinding machines are according to the international precision normes ISO 2433
The the table movement linearity is guaranteed by a maximum deviation of 0.002 mm/m
Surface finish degree: Ra 0.2 μ (**)
The obtainable grinding roundness is:

  • grinding between centers   0.3 μ (**)
  • grinding with live spindle     0.4 μ (**)

(**) For a test workpiece ground in Robbi factory during machine testing