Cilinder Boring Machines

Large Sliding Guides

The SIRIO line has large sliding guides. This feature allows a better adjustment of the guides and gibs : less wear of the guides and better sliding of the head

Automatic Emergency Stop

Automatic reaming stop in case of tool breakage or accidental impact

Automatic Positioning at Borind End

Automatic positioning tool at the boring end, which eliminates completely  the line during the head raising (option on Sirio CL)

  1. Automatic emergency stop system . Total shutdown in case of accidental impact of any part of the head or of the spindle , both during the boring process or  the fast feed
  2. Comparator centering inreadily visible
  3. Handwheel for manual advancements in an accessible location
  4. Head with long sliding guides, which guarantee a better accuracy and long duration of operation given the low pressure on gibs
  5. Worm gear oil bath and mechanical transmission for automatic table moving
  6. Low Voltage Cabinet
  7. Stabilized cast iron column
  8. A dial gauge tool for depth control
  9. Column guides grinded and scraped for a better lubrication
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Cylinder Boring Machines Cylinder Boring and Surface Milling Machines Benefits
Sirio CL Essential, simple and reliable: ideal for boring engine blocks of cars and light trucks
Sirio Sirio S Spindle rotation at variable speed:suitable for engine blocks of cars and trucks medium
Max 2 Spes 2 For the dimensions of the table, the capacity of reaming up to 320 mm and the distance between the head and the table, is suited to the machining of engine blocks of large size (though without exceeding in size, which would make it impractical in light of machining blocks) Ideal for heavy duty applications where heavy stock removal requests in a single pass
Orion S Suitable to reaming operation and face milling of engine blocks with large possibility of boring up to 400 mm and maximum depth of 1000 mm
This model adopts the technology of the most modern machine tools : the column is stabilized steel , the guides of the head are coated with anti-friction materia
Olympia Ks

Cilinder Boring Machines

Sirio CL

Sirio CL Alesatrice Per Cilindri Robbi Group


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Cilinder Boring and Surface Milling Machines

Sirio S

Sirio S Alesatrice Per Cilindri Robbi Group

Max Spes

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