Rettificatrice Alberi a Gomito

Rex 3100

Technical Specifications Um Rex 3100
Distance between centers mm. 3200
Distance between chucks mm. 3100
Height of centers over table mm. 400
Swing over table mm. 800
Max. offset of centers mm. 200
Max. grinding diameter mm. 230
Fast hydraulic wheelhead traverse mm. 190
Hand micrometric wheelhead feed mm. 220
Hand micrometric wheelhead feed, graduation mm. 0,005
Wheelhead feed per reverse mm. 1
Hand micrometric worktable traverse per reverse mm. 8
Fast hydraulic worktable traverse m./min. 3
Grinding wheel speeds r.p.m. 680-800
Max. grinding wheel diameter mm. 915
Min.-Max. width of grinding wheel mm. 25-70
Diameter of chucks mm. 250
Chucks holding diameter mm. 310
Rest capacity mm. 30 -200
Workhead spindle speeds r.p.m. 0 – 60
Max. weight on centers Kg. 950
Max. weight on rests Kg. 2200
Lenght x width x height m. 6.5×2.1×2
Approx. net weight Kg. 8400