Made up of a cast iron normalized body, stabilized and well ribbed, able  to support the weight of the piece and the forces generated during the grinding operation.
The pendulum movement allows quick and easy centering of the crankpins: moving is detected by a dial indicator.
Zero setting  is achieved by moving the heads against a center stop, which can be switched off in case of a correction in the opposite direction.
360° Rapid rotation of the chuck
Chuck Easy replacement
Use of only two keys for all the operations of moving, centering and fixing
Workhead is equipped with a spindle rotating on bearings of high precision, which ensure tight tolerances and high rigidity in the working.
The spindle rotation with three-phase motor polarity (two speeds of rotation or, on request, variable).
The change in speed is also achieved by  a transmission belt .
Sideways are coaled wilh anti-friction material to obtain free movement and a minimum of wear.
Hardeneded sleel spindle turns in oil bathed fully adjustable precision sleeve bearings.
Hapid hydraulic wheelcad traverse and hydraulic table movement increase speed during set up and grinding.
Fine teed controls tor both movements assure accuracy.

Runs on prismatic guides with anti-friction material (turcite) reported.
This way you get moving extremely precise (eliminates stich-slip), less wear of the guides and thus longer life.
The spindle, hardened steel, is housed on bushings adjustable bathed ‘oil.

Work Head

Very Large Guides

REX 1200

REX 1500

REX 1800

REX 2200

REX 3100