Cylindrical Grinding Machines


Omicron R

Rettificatrice Convenzionale  Robbi Omicron R 1000

Omicron E

Rettificatrice Convenzionale Robbi Omicron E 1500

Robbi Grinding Machines

Robbi has a range of cylindrical grinding machines which differin size and productivity.
The production of grinding pursues quality standards of the highest level.
Robbi uses materials and high-quality components
Most of the mechanical components are realized inside of the Robbi machine shop


Omicron RT

Rettificatrici Semi Automatiche Robbi Omicron RT 600

Omicron ET

Rettificatrici Semi Automatiche Robbi Omicron ET 2000


Rettificatrici semi automatiche Robbi - Omicron PT

Omicron MT

Rettificatrici Semi Automatiche Robbi Omicron MT 6000


Omicron 32

Rettificatrice Universale CNC Robbi Omicron 3210

Omicron 36

Rettificatrice Universale CNC Robbi Omicron 3615

Omicron 60

Rettificatrice Universale CNC Robbi Omicron 6020


Rettificatrice Universale CNC Robbi Omicron 8080

Conventional Grinders

The conventional universal grinding machines are highly appreciated if you wish to achieve high standards of accuracy, flexibility, and fast setup times.
Reliable and accurate, very easy to handle for accurate machining.

Semi Automatic Grinders

They are the ‘evolution of conventional grinding machines.
The adjustment is solely controlled by brushless motors and ball screws.
The micrometric movements in manual shall be made by electronic flyers multi-scale.
The grinding machines with motion axes using ball screws have movement speed firmer, more rigid, more precise positioning for the absence of backlash.
Programming the job is very simple and intuitive

CNC Universal Grinders

CNC Universal Grinding machines born to meet the needs of medium or large production volumes.
Made using the most advanced systems both mechanical and electronic, have the characteristic that sees them productive and also suitable for the processing of small lots.
The software  allows the operator to carry out the program of a grinding cycle of a particular complex even in a simple and intuitive .

Internal Grinders

Omicron IGR

Rettificatrice Interni Robbi Omicron IGR 250 01

Omicron IGU

Rettificatrice Interni Robbi Omicron IGU 400 01

Per soddisfare le esigenze più specifiche Robbi realizza molte rettificatrici per lavorazioni speciali.