Universal Cylindrical Grinding Machines

Robbi Group offer a wide range of cylindrical grinding machines that differ in size and productivity.

High quality materials and components are used
An internal workshop produces most of the mechanical components

Expert workers carry out the final assembly

Conventional machines are very appreciated if you want to achieve high standards of precision, flexibility and fast set-up times.
Reliable and precise, extremely easy to handle for accurate processing.

Work processing is simple and intuitive
The grinding machines use brushless motors and ball screws
Micrometric movements are performed using multi-scale electronic flyers.

Suitable for medium or large production volumes.
CNC grinding machines combine the ability to achieve high precision with flexibility of use.
The software allows the operator to realize, in simple and intuitive way, a rectification cycle program of a complex particular.

Omicron R

Robbi Omicron R 1000

Omicron E

Omicron E 600 Rettificatrici Robbi Group

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General Catalog Cover

Omicron General En

Omicron RT6

Robbi Omicron RT 600

Omicron ET6

Robbi Omicron ET 2000


Rettificatrice semi automatica Robbi Omicron PT

Omicron MT6

Robbi Omicron MT 6000

Omicron 32

Omicron 3206 Cnc Rettificatrici Robbi Group

Omicron 36

Robbi Omicron 3615

Omicron 60

Omicron 6020 Cnc Rettificatrici Robbi Group

Omicron 80

Robbi Omicron 8080

Robbi manufactures grinding machines suitable for use in special processes

Omicron IGR 250

Omicron IGR 250

Omicron IGR 600

Omicron IGU

Omicron IGU 400